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Grants & Funding

Current Funding Opportunities

ALERT- June 11, 2018: Entities registering in SAM must submit a notarized letter appointing their authorized Entity Administrator. Read the Updated FAQs to learn more about changes to the notarized letter review process and other system improvements coming in June.

This page contains information about all current OVC discretionary funding opportunities. To learn about available grants to support direct services to crime victims through OVC’s formula grant program, contact your state Victim Assistance Program.

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For information about OVC’s grant awards from 1993 to the present, view our online searchable table.

OVC hosted a series of webinars to help applicants understand the requirements of select funding opportunities. View these pre-application webinar recordings, transcripts, and presentations.

OVC Funding Opportunities

FY 2019 Tribal Victim Services Set-Aside Program (PDF 530 kb)
Application Deadline: 08/16/2019
This program seeks to support to tribal communities to improve services for victims of crime. This program will support a comprehensive range of activities to address the needs of a wide variety of crime victims in tribal communities. Apply under the following Purpose Areas (PAs). PA 1 Establishment of a New Victim Service Program: Applicants that have no existing victim services program, including those that do not have programs & are going to coordinate with others to provide services to them. PA 2 Coordination and Expansion of Existing Victim Service Program: The goal for applicants under this PA is to become more victim-centered, culturally competent, more comprehensive, & improve coordination with likely partners. View change to pages 1, 3, 10, 12, & 35 at OVC conducted two pre-application webinars on 6/20 and 6/27, and will also cohost four additional webinars. Learn more at

FY 2019 Field-Generated Solutions for Tribal & Non-Tribal Communities to Improve Services for Victims of Crime (PDF 420 kb)
Application Deadline: 07/26/2019
The overarching goal of this program is to support victims of crime and to bridge gaps in services to victims. Applicants may apply for one or more of the following purpose areas (PAs): PA 1: Innovative Programs to Fill Gaps in Tribal Crime Victim Services, PA 2: Innovations in Telehealth, PA 3: Improving Responses to Victims of Burglary, PA 4: Improving the Ordering & Collecting of Restitution for Victims, and PA 5: Other Innovative Programs to Fill Gaps in Crime Victim Services. OVC conducted a pre-application webinar on June 25, 2019, and a recording and transcript of this webinar are available at Apply by July 26, 2019.

FY 2019 Law Enforcement-Based Victim Specialist Program (PDF 388 kb)
Application Deadline: 07/26/2019
This program will develop or enhance crime victim specialist programs within law enforcement agencies to better support victims through the criminal justice process including by connecting them with community-based direct victim services programs to more quickly and more effectively serve them. Funding under this program will support an estimated 80 victim specialist grants to state, tribal, and/or local law enforcement agencies to hire victim services staff to develop new programs or enhance existing law enforcement-based victim specialist programs. OVC conducted a pre-application webinar on June 6, 2019, and a recording and transcript of this webinar are available at Apply by July 26, 2019.

FY 2019 Guidance for Invited Applications for Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program for Crime Victim Compensation and/or Assistance (PDF 473 kb)
Application Deadline: Open
The Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP) is a mechanism by which the Director of OVC may award supplemental crime victim compensation and assistance to respond to an act of domestic terrorism or mass criminal violence. The criminal act has to be of sufficient magnitude that the jurisdiction cannot provide needed services to victims of the incident with existing resources and it places an undue financial hardship on the jurisdiction’s ability to respond to victims of other crimes in a timely and comprehensive manner. This is not a competitive solicitation. Only after OVC has consulted with an eligible organization can an application be submitted.

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