Develop a SART
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Sex Offender Management Professionals

Consider Polygraphs

Polygraph examination is used after conviction to motivate sex offenders to be truthful about their histories of sexual deviancy and to take responsibility for their offenses. Polygraphs also provide information on offenders' recent relapses and high-risk conduct.

The most common of these examinations follow:97

  • Full disclosure or sexual history examinations, which are used to obtain a complete history of an offenders' sexual behavior;
  • Specific issue examinations, which are useful when offenders are either in complete denial or maintain that they did not commit the crimes for which they were convicted; and
  • Maintenance or monitoring examinations, which are administered on a periodic basis and help to verify offenders' compliance with treatment and supervision conditions.

Jurisdictions that conduct post-conviction polygraph testing of sex offenders report that it is effective when used along with treatment and supervision.98