Develop a SART
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Defense Strategies

Typical defenses to sexual assault include the following: (1) the act was consensual, (2) there was a mistaken identity of the suspect, or (3) the crime never occurred. Another approach, infrequently used, is that the defendant lacks the physical or mental capacity to engage in the alleged act.77

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Overcoming a Consent Defense to Sexual Assault (Word) Describes how SARTs can support and protect victims when the defense attempts to unfairly undermine victims' credibility.

Prosecuting Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assault   Addresses the prosecution of cases when victims are voluntarily intoxicated. Covers toxicology, assessing consent, credibility and corroboration, and recommended trial strategies.

Understanding the Non-Stranger Rapist Provides recommendations and techniques for prosecutors with limited experience handling cases in which offenders are known to victims. Covers offender's motivation, target selection, and mode of operation.