Develop a SART
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Law Enforcement Officials

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) becomes involved in cases that occur in international waters and national parks and on American Indian reservations and military installations. The FBI also has jurisdiction regarding sexual assault cases across state lines and in those cases involving prostituted adolescent victims or victims of human trafficking.

The Right Tool

Victim Assistance Includes links to local FBI offices and information on the rights of federal crime victims and national resources.

Having both state and federal law enforcement agencies participate on SARTs can promote interagency understanding of complex interjurisdictional responses and proactively address issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. For example, the FBI victim specialist on the Cuyahoga County SART educates advocates, local law enforcement, and medical forensic examiners on ways to screen sexual assault victims who may be prostituted teenagers or human trafficking victims. According to the FBI victim specialist, "Every SART that is close to an interstate highway truck stop needs to know that there is a potential for teenagers to be solicited into prostitution there or women to be trafficked. Without proper screening and assessment, service providers could unknowingly interview victims in the presence of their offenders or release victims back to pimps or traffickers who abuse them."64