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Law Enforcement Officials

Investigating Officers

The continuing investigation of sexual assault begins after the immediate emergency needs of the victim have been met and preliminary information has been gathered to identify the offense and the offender.60

In some jurisdictions, responding officers are also responsible for followup investigations. In other jurisdictions, responding officers' reports are assigned to a detective division for followup.

Subsequent investigations normally include scheduling indepth victim interviews, apprehending and interrogating offenders, and exploring strategies for corroborating victims' statements, such as those that support victims' recollections of sounds, smells, and so forth.61

Other investigator responsibilities may include the following:

  • Cross-referencing fact patterns and modus operandi with unsolved sex crimes.
  • Coordinating the prompt return of victims' property seized as evidence as soon as it is no longer needed for prosecutorial purposes.62
  • Determining the potential impact of lab results based on the case history.
  • Preparing investigative reports and witness statements.
  • Submitting reports to prosecuting attorneys for charging decisions.