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Victim Impact Statements


Handbook on Justice for Victims
Discusses victim impact statements.

Impact Statements: A Victim's Right to Speak, A Nation's Responsibility to Listen
Reviews victim impact statements and their impact on justice, victim impact statement models, and existing victim impact forms and letters and provides suggestions for completing statements and a financial impact worksheet.

It's Your Voice—Victim Impact Statement Information
Briefly describes victim impact statements; written for Texas but can easily be adapted by other jurisdictions.

Victim Impact Statement Resource Package
Includes materials related to victim impact statements that can be adapted to reflect state law and agency policies. Materials include a cover letter to be sent to victims, suggestions for completing statements, a victim impact statement form, and information about integrating statements into offender casework.

A Review of the American Bar Association's Guidelines for Fair Treatment of Crime Victims and Witnesses
Defines victims' rights that are generally provided on state and federal levels.

Victim Impact—Listen and Learn
Includes materials trainers can use to help offenders in institutional and community-based settings become more aware of the impact that crime has on victims, take responsibility for their actions, and begin to make amends. The curriculum includes a facilitator's manual, participant's workbook, video clips of victims speaking about their experiences, and trainer tools.