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Added August 2011DNA


According to the DNA Initiative’s Web site, databases that contain DNA profiles have greatly enhanced law enforcement’s profiles, against which DNA profiles developed from crime scene evidence can be compared. 4

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) software enables state, local, and national law enforcement forensic laboratories to search each other’s databases, thereby comparing DNA profiles electronically. Jurisdictions can link serial crimes to each other and identify suspects by matching DNA profiles from crime scenes with profiles from convicted offenders. Each state has a statutory provision for the establishment of a DNA database.

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CODIS–NDIS Statistics Provides data on the number of offender profiles collected, forensic samples, CODIS labs, labs participating in the National DNA Index System, and examples of cases in which investigations were aided by CODIS.

CODIS and National DNA Index System Features frequently asked questions about CODIS and the National DNA Index System, including how they operate, DNA profile requirements, and quality assurance standards.

DNA Evidence: What Every Law Enforcement Officer Should Know Instructs police officers in the proper methods of collecting and managing DNA evidence at crime scenes and reviews the CODIS system.

CODIS Brochure Briefly reviews the CODIS crime-solving tool, which integrates forensic science and computer technology.