Develop a SART
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Compile Data Reports

The interpretation of interagency statistical data, community needs assessment surveys, victim surveys, focus group findings, and town meetings goes beyond simply tabulating the results. The data need to be evaluated to determine what the results mean, patterns that occur, and your SART's proposed next steps. Summarizing the data by writing an executive summary and comprehensive report will help you capture a broad scope of issues. The data report can be organized into sections:

  • Briefing: A compilation of data.
  • Executive summary: Conclusions regarding the data.
  • Recommendations: The SART's action steps.

Reports are rarely read cover to cover, so it is important to start with the most important information. You also need to explain what is known that was not known before and how the new information will help improve your multidisciplinary response. To enhance your report's credibility, list any limitations of the findings or alternative explanations for them.