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Utilizing OVC Publishing Guidelines for Effective Communication
Adrian Wilairat, Karen Eisenhut Evans  -  2016/12/14
Does OVC prefer APA style when citing references to publications, journal articles, etc.?
1.  Karen
 Hi Kathy, OVC follows the Chicago Manual of Style, Author-Date format, for citations and references. The Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide is a good resource: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html.
We've started to develop some design concepts for our product. Will they be used for the final product?
1.  Adrian
 Hi, it depends. Generally, OVC takes the lead on design elements. However, if grantees work closely with their grant monitors, who can serve as a liaison with the OVC Communications Team, OVC might be able to incorporate some of the elements granteesí already have created.
Once we submit our final draft to OVC, how long before it's published?
1.  Adrian
 Thatís exactly right. Iíll also add that there are a number of factors that determine how long it will take. These factors include length of your publication, how much editing is required, the number of reviews that must occur by offices other than OVC, and the number of additional publications that OVC is also in the process of producing.
2.  Karen
 Production time really depends on the length and type of the particular product. DVDs and complex e-publications (e.g., those with video components) generally take quite a bit longer than print publications.
What are some common grammatical changes you often make to submitted drafts? What should we be on the lookout for?
1.  Adrian
 I'll also add that if you're really worried about grammar, provide an early draft of your publication to your OVC grant monitor. He or she can relay it to us, and we'll let you know if you're on the right track in terms of grammar!
2.  Adrian
 I'm glad you asked that. We have listed the most common grammatical errors in the Grammar section of the OVC Publishing Guidelines. For more grammar tips, we would also refer you to the OVC Style Guide, which we updated earlier this year: https://www.ovc.gov/publications/infores/pubguidelines/2016-OVC-Style-Guide-508.pdf.
How much oversight is required for Vision 21 Funded websites?
1.  Adrian
 Please coordinate closely with your OVC grant monitor on all websites regarding Vision 21. Your grant monitor can review content and tell you if itís appropriate.
Besides the V21 website and overview sheet, can we anticipate any other OVC publications within the next few months?
1.  Adrian
 Keep up to date on OVC publications by going to https://www.ovc.gov/connected.html. This page enables you to sign up to receive info on the latest publicationsóand other important news about OVC.
2.  Karen
 We also will be releasing a DVD on Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assault in Indian Country in late January/early February.
3.  Jenna Foster
 Wonderful, thank you!
4.  Karen
 Hi Jenna, The theme artwork for the 2017 National Crime Victims' Right Week Resource Guide is now available at https://ovc.ncjrs.gov/ncvrw2017/artwork_landing_page.html The rest of the online Resource Guide is anticipated to be released in January.
If we have used grant funds and staff time to develop guidance materials (e.g. facilitator's guides, surveys and similar) that are not "published" but are then requested by other agencies and individuals to use and/or modify for their programs and purposes, is there guidance in terms of whether that information should be copywritten?
1.  Adrian
 This question will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the special conditions of your grant (the special conditions might address this issue), and also please contact your grant monitor. The grantee and OVC will need to discuss the specific materials at issue.
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