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Forensic Interviewing of Children Training
02/10/20 - 02/14/20

Sponsoring Organization(s): National Children's Advocacy Center (More Detail)
City: Huntsville 
State/Territory: Alabama 
Country: USA 
Event Site: NCAC Training Center 
Topic: Juvenile Justice
Law Enforcement
Learn the internationally-recognized NCAC Child Forensic Interview Structure in this five-day, interactive training. The training includes audience discussion, child interview practicum, review of recorded forensic interviews, experiential skill-building exercises, and participation in a mock court simulation.

Trainees will be immersed in the realistic, unpredictability of children by participating in the only child interview practicum that utilizes real children. The practice of interviewing a child, versus an actor, allows trainees to experience, evaluate, and prepare to overcome the spontaneous obstacles that only children can provide.

To enhance the trainee's continued education and skill development, each trainee receives a training manual, a recorded copy of their interview practicum, access to additional training materials online, periodic follow-up calls with the NCAC trainer, and post-training e-mail and telephone support, as requested.

As new research is incorporated into forensic interviewing practice, updated training materials are made available to past trainees. 
Event URL:  
Name: Kristen Howard 
Phone: 256-327-3746 

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February 25, 2020

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