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FAQs: Victim Compensation

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FAQ List:

What is the difference between compensation and restitution?
Restitution is a court action that requires perpetrators to make financial payments to their victims... Read More
Last updated:  08/27/2015

Who is eligible for victim compensation?
Victim compensation eligibility is determined by each State Victim Compensation Program. For addit... Read More
Last updated:  09/22/2010

Do taxpayer dollars contribute to the Crime Victims Fund?
To date, Crime Victims Fund (Fund) dollars have always come from offenders convicted of federal crim... Read More
Last updated:  04/27/2012

What types of victimization qualify for compensation?
The Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) specifically requires compensation to crime victims and survivors of... Read More
Last updated:  09/13/2012

What types of expenses are crime victims compensated for?
According to the Victim Compensation Program Guidelines, at a minimum, the Victims of Crime Act (VO... Read More
Last updated:  09/13/2012

What is victim compensation?
All states and territories receive Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds through the Office for Victims ... Read More
Last updated:  09/14/2012

I am a crime victim, how can I get help?
Help in your area is available from your State/Local Victim Compensation and Assistance programs. As... Read More
Last updated:  08/12/2019

When will National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) be observed in 2020?
National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) will be held on April 19–25, 2020. Sign up for... Read More
Last updated:  05/31/2019

How much money does each state receive to provide victim compensation?
The amount of money appropriated to each state for victim compensation is available from the latest ... Read More
Last updated:  05/30/2019

How can I order OVC publications and products?
Many OVC publications and products are available in hardcopy and can be ordered from the National Cr... Read More
Last updated:  04/10/2013

What is Vision 21?
The Vision 21: Transforming Victim Services initiative was launched by OVC in fall 2010 to expand th... Read More
Last updated:  06/25/2013

I applied for victim compensation and want to know the status of my claim. Can OVC assist me?
If you applied for victim compensation through your state victim compensation program and have any q... Read More
Last updated:  12/11/2017
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