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What OVC resources are available to states developing State Victim Assistance Academies (SVAAs)?
Training and technical assistance, for both prospective and established SVAAs, is available through the SVAA Resource Center, operated by the National Center for Victims of Crime. Contact the SVAA Resource Center, at 202–467–8700 or

Also read A Complete Guide to Establishing and Operating a Victim Assistance Academy, which offers guidance assist states and territories in developing and/or refining their State Victim Assistance Academies.

OVC also encourages Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Assistance Administrators in each state to use VOCA administrative funds to support their SVAA. To contact your VOCA Assistance Administrator, click on your state in our U.S. Resource Map. When discussing how to implement an SVAA, your VOCA Assistance Administrator may suggest that you speak to an SVAA Project Monitor at OVC to learn more about discretionary grants that may be available for starting a new SVAA.

Last Updated: 10/18/2018

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