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Please ask your question, providing details that will help our staff develop a thoughtful response.

For best results, please utilize the following guidelines when posing your question:

  • State your question as detailed and clearly as possible. Provide specific details about the nature of your request. Do you need statistics, publications, programs, or training opportunities? If requesting statistics, for example, how recent should the data be? Do you need location-specific information such as Washington, D.C., but not Virginia or Maryland? State but not city level resources?
  • Break down complex requests. If you have a complex, multi-part question, break the question down into separate questions to help ensure our staff is able to address each need.
  • Indicate where you've looked and what you've found on your own. Briefly describe the research and the resources you've tapped into so far. This will help our staff understand where to begin their research.

Please note: The OVC Resource Center and the National Criminal Justice Reference Services are unable to provide legal advice, legal opinions, or render legal research.

How will the requested information be used?

Briefly describe how you will use the information. For a school report on homicide investigation? To know more about current victim-related issues in the practice of victim services? For non-emergency assistance information and referral? For a presentation to a local community victim services council or coalition? For a study to determine the changing profile of crime in America or gaps in victim services? Understanding the purpose of your research will help us meet your needs, focus our search, and monitor the changing needs of the victim services community.