Develop a SART
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Developing the Plan

Conduct an Internal Audit

Find out what resources and expenses your team has right now:

SART Program Costs

  • Office space, equipment, and furnishings (e.g., phones, fax and copy machines, computers, postage, office supplies, film and film development, SART forms).
  • Transportation, clothing replacement for victims, and toiletry or comfort items at the exam site.
  • Use of medical facilities such as an exam room, waiting room, and administration office space.
  • Exam room furnishings and equipment.
  • Office space for joint interviews (i.e., specially equipped rooms for coordinating medical and legal interviews).
  • Medications and medical supplies.
  • Costs for crime lab analysis.
  • Pagers or mobile phones for core responders.
  • Other_____________________________.

SART Personnel Costs

  • SART coordinator.
  • Victim advocates (community based and government based).
  • Medical forensic examiners.
  • Crime lab specialist.
  • [Specialized] law enforcement units.
  • [Specialized] prosecuting attorney units.
  • Other______________________________.

Education and Training Costs

  • Training for team members.
  • Travel.
  • Publications and reference materials.
  • Informational brochures and other program information.
  • Other______________________________.