Develop a SART
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Facilitate Meetings


The very nature of a SART requires that teams discuss differing approaches to issues and policies. To ensure that each member has an opportunity to be heard, you may need to brainstorm possible solutions. One of the primary benefits of brainstorming is that each team member can learn from the experiences and knowledge of other team members.

Team members can speak as ideas occur to them, through small group breakouts that report back to the entire team, or in a round-robin format during which team members are each given opportunities to speak.

To facilitate brainstorming5

  • Welcome all ideas—it is better to modify an extremely innovative idea than to censor it.
  • Encourage the team to strive for a large number of ideas—quantity can lead to quality.
  • Encourage the team not to criticize or judge.
  • Allow sufficient time for questions, clarification, and comment after brainstorming.
  • Record all ideas on a flipchart.
  • Encourage team members to build on each other's ideas.