Develop a SART
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Gather Community Data

How To Share Data

When you collect interagency data, it is important to share that data among participating SART agencies. The following tips should help guide you in setting up an information-sharing process:

  • Appoint an information management committee composed of representatives from the SART agencies, funding officials, and management information systems experts.
  • Determine what information is already collected and maintained by all the agencies involved.
  • Evaluate information needs.
  • Clarify reasons to share information.
  • Identify which specific information is to be shared and who needs access to each item of information.
  • Determine statutory record requirements about information collection and dissemination as mandated by federal, state, and local governments.
  • Draft an interagency agreement.
  • Fund the information management system.
  • Designate information management liaisons in each agency.
  • Build the system.
  • Prepare and revise policies and procedures.
  • Train staff.
  • Address confidentiality issues. (To ensure confidentiality, use aggregate data without personal identifiers.)
  • Review policies regularly.
  • Review needs regularly.

The tips above were originally developed for the juvenile justice system but have been adapted for consideration by SARTs.2