Develop a SART
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Find a SART Coordinator

Create a Job Description

Finding the right SART coordinator starts with a clear, concise job description. Use the following template as a guide when developing a description for your SART coordinator position.

  • Position summary: Define responsibilities and describe to whom the coordinator reports.
  • Qualifications: Decide on the experience, educational, and technical requirements needed.
  • Responsibilities: Create a list of duties. For example, responsibilities could include the following:
    • Organize and maintain the SART operating guide and materials.
    • Maintain monthly on-call calendars for victim advocates and sexual assault forensic examiners and coordinate their on-call activities.
    • Set meeting agendas and facilitate SART meetings.
    • Develop and maintain procedures for data collection and case record keeping.
    • Manage information tracking systems.
    • Plan special projects, budgets, and annual work plans; analyze trends; or plan for the analysis of data.
    • Monitor and follow up on grant objectives.
    • Facilitate working relationships with representatives from law enforcement, the district attorney's office, health care, the crime lab, and other community alliances.
    • Conduct presentations to inform the community about SART services.
    • Assist with professional trainings for criminal justice agencies, medical facilities, social service agencies, and other helping professionals.
  • Hours required: List work hours and exempt/nonexempt status.