Develop a SART
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Decide on Core Membership

Public Health Officials

Public health officials practice the science and art of preventing disease and promoting health through an organized community effort. Their expertise includes ongoing assessment of the community's health care needs, injury prevention, emergency response planning, and control of communicable infections.

On a SART, local, city, county, state, or federal public health officials—

  • Provide information and assistance on data collection and analysis.
  • Access information from other health professionals who provide services to victims.
  • Join with statisticians and epidemiologists to assist in data collection and analysis.
  • Educate the team about general health issues.
  • Integrate strategies for sexual assault intervention and prevention.
  • Provide information on the development and implementation of public health prevention activities and programs.
  • Act as liaison between the team and the community's other health care providers.
  • Help implement initiatives aimed at teaching the community how to prevent sexual assault.