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  Campus Services for Victims of Sexual Assault
  Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting Nontraditional Victims
  Child Victims: Providing Effective Rights Enforcement Representation
  Confidentiality for Victims of Military Sexual Trauma
  Helping Incarcerated Victims of Crime
  Human Trafficking in Rural Communities
  Inner City Posttraumatic Stress
  Integrating the Needs of LGBTQ Victims into Mainstream Victim Services
  Language Access
  Outreach and Response to Teen Victims of Dating Violence
  Results-Oriented Victim Services
  Serving Victims of Financial Fraud and Fraud Prevention
  Serving Victims of Mass Violence
  Support and Services for Drug-Endangered Children

What Is a Web Forum?

Sometimes called a bulletin board or message board, a Web forum is an online center for ongoing, indepth discussions of specific topics and issues. This OVC HELP for Victim Service Providers message board provides victim service providers and allied professionals with a means to share ideas, suggestions, and recommendations concerning promising practices, best practices, and victim issues.

Please note that the forum is not a "chat room." That is, users cannot participate in real-time discussions. However, users can ask and respond to questions, explain service techniques and strategies, share helpful anecdotes, and lend their expertise to others in the field.

How is a discussion organized?

Individual messages are organized by topic and discussion title. A discussion (also known as a "thread") is a series of messages along a specific topic of conversation. Each discussion begins with a comment or question that elicits feedback from others. By reading each post—that is, each individual message—in a discussion, you can see how it has evolved.

The topics listed on the forum home page are currently open for comment. Select one of them to view the directory of active discussions within that topic.

Who can participate?

This is an open discussion board that does not require a login registration for users. However, victim service providers and allied professionals are the target participants for this forum. Crime victims seeking assistance should visit the OVC Directory of Crime Victim Services.

Is the forum moderated?

This forum is not moderated in the sense that a moderator will participate in conversations; however, posts are screened before they are uploaded. Therefore, participants who submit messages will not immediately see them on the board. Messages that are accepted for discussion will be posted within 1 business day of submission. See the rules for more information on screening criteria.

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