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Multi-Jurisdictional Law Enforcement Training Conference
11/06/13 - 11/08/13

Sponsoring Organization(s): National Criminal Justice Training Center (More Detail)
City: Green Bay 
State/Territory: Wisconsin 
Country: USA 
Event Site: Event site not available 
Topic: Crime Prevention
Law Enforcement
At this conference you will develop skills, obtain information, and gather resources that will assist you in addressing the most critical jurisdictional, security, and safety concerns faced by criminal justice and community professionals. Information will relate to rural, reservation, and urban crime; violence, and substance abuse. Additional sessions will focus on victimization, community violence, school safety, and tribal probation.

The conference sessions will benefit:
-law enforcement personnel
-probation/parole and correctional officers
-judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and court personnel
-victim/witness service providers and advocates
-substance abuse treatment providers
-sex offender registry personnel
-child protection advocates and service providers
-school counselors and teachers
-youth program coordinators
-planners and grant writers
-community leaders, elders, and concerned citizens 
Name: National Criminal Justice Training Center 
Phone: (888) 370-1752 

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October 27, 2016

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