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Colorado Victim Assistance Academy
06/03/13 - 06/07/13

Sponsoring Organization(s): Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (More Detail)
City: Glenwood Springs 
State/Territory: Colorado 
Country: USA 
Event Site: The Hotel Denver 
Topic: Victims
In 1999, COVA received a grant from OVC in to establish the Colorado Victim Assistance Academy (CVAA). The CVAA was modeled on the curriculum established by OVC for use in the National Victim Assistance Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to provide basic victim advocacy training to people working with victims of crime. The curriculum embraces the entire scope of victim services, and has been enhanced to address unique and specific issues in Colorado.

Participants will have completed their basic department/agency training prior to admission to CVAA. Candidates will complete a CVAA admissions application. In addition, there is a minimum of 20-30 hours of self-taught (without assistance), pre-academy materials to be completed prior to attending the Academy. Please Note: The time this takes varies from person to person and depends on reading/comprehension speed as well as writing speed. The self-study materials will be due 5-6 weeks prior to the Academy - late self-study material submissions will affect the Participants' ability to attend the academy. 
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Name: Dan Griffin 
Phone: 303-861-1160 or toll free at 800-261-2682 

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September 22, 2017

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