OVC Announces New Resources for Serving Victims of Elder Abuse
OVC has released In Their Own Words: Domestic Abuse in Later Life (NCJ 227928), a training package designed to enhance the skills of victim service providers and others who interact with older adults in responding to domestic elder abuse.
This 2-DVD set uses the voices of older victims to facilitate a dialog among a range of professionals about the dynamics of abuse, the barriers these victims have to overcome to live free from abuse, and interventions and potential collaborations that may be effective in such cases.

In addition to individual segments with victims, family members, victim service providers, and allied professionals, the DVDs include topical segments and a montage of victims and advocates speaking out that is designed for use by policymakers. It also includes an interactive role play between a parish nurse and an adult daughter caring for her father that is intended to help professionals recognize abusers’ justifications for elder mistreatment.

The accompanying training guide provides background on the victims and discussion questions targeted at a variety of professional audiences.

To request a copy of the training DVDs and trainer’s guide, visit the NCJRS Web site.

To obtain other materials from OVC, visit the NCJRS Publications/Products page.
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