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March 7, 2012—Join an Online Discussion
Making the Most of National Crime Victims’
Rights Week

On March 7, 2012, at 2 p.m. (eastern time), the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) will present a Web Forum discussion with Steve Derene, Mary Gleason Rappaport, and Anne Seymour on making the most of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW). Mr. Derene has served as Executive Director of the National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators (NAVAA) since 2001, representing state agencies that administer state VOCA victim assistance grants. Prior to joining NAVAA, he worked at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, first as director of research and information and later in the department’s Office of Crime Victim Services. Mr. Derene has advocated for many state and federal criminal justice and crime victim legislative initiatives, and has served as an expert-consultant to OVC. Ms. Rappaport served as the Director of Communications at the National Center for Victims of Crime for more than 11 years. As such, she also served as Project Manager for the OVC-funded National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide for the past 6 years. Ms. Rappaport has developed a unique perspective on how victim service providers can make the most of NCVRW by using special events, media relations, public service campaigns, collaborative partnerships, social media, and much more. Ms. Seymour is Cofounder and Senior Advisor of Justice Solutions, a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C., that specializes in criminal and juvenile justice, crime victims’ rights and services, and community safety. She also is a consultant to the Pew Center on the States Public Safety Performance Project. Ms. Seymour has more than 29 years of experience as a national and international advocate for crime victims’ rights. She has authored or contributed to more than 30 OVC manuals and texts, including 20 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guides.

Visit the OVC Web Forum now to submit questions for Mr. Derene, Ms Rappaport, and Ms. Seymour and return on March 7 at 2 p.m. (eastern time) for the live discussion. Learn how to participate beforehand so you are ready for the discussion.

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